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frequently asked questions

1. Are KKUmbrellas Made in India?
Yes, all our umbrellas are Made in India, at our manufacturing facility located in Kolkata, West

2. Where can I get my KKUmbrella?
We have tie-ups with dealerships, wholesalers and retailers spanning across almost all major Indian
towns and cities. For help locating the ones closest to you, you can contact us at

3. Are KK Umbrellas available online?
Yes, this is part of our Sales Strategy going forward. We are developing avenues for the same, and
hope to be servicing your needs through our online portals shortly. For updates regarding
the same, you can contact us at info@kkumbrellas.com.

4. Are KK Umbrellas covered under warranty?
We ensure that each of our umbrellas passes through the stringent Quality Control systems set up
at each stage of our production process. Thus, we proudly stand behind each of our products with a
warranty against any Manufacturing Defects. If our umbrellas prove defective due to the same, our
sales network will repair/replace the product (Terms & Conditions Apply).

1. How do I increase the longevity of my umbrellas?
Most often, Poor Handling and Misuse of umbrellas are the leading causes of damage and breakage.

The following are some pointers that will help increase the lifespan of your umbrella:

  • 1. Always carry your umbrella facing into the wind to avoid frame damage.

  • 2. Before opening your umbrella, give it a little shake to free the ribs first as the ribs can get caught in the fabric when the umbrella is closed.

  • 3. Always leave your umbrella open to dry after use. This helps avoid rust in the metal frame.